Remote control for Overhead Crane

All kinds of overhead cranes are fundamental for carrying heavy goods and material and many businesses need them. That is why Itowa developed special remote control systems to command properly all kind of lifting machinery.
Our remote control systems keep users away from dangerous zones and let them command easily hoists and cranes from better positioned.

So, which is our remote control solution for Overhead Cranes?

TUNNER is a pushbutton transmitting unit set to radio control any lifting machinery and specially designed to command overhead cranes (and its derivative).
It has 7 double pushbuttons (2 speeds) corresponding to the precise orders to move properly an overhead crane: left, right, lower, raise…

WINNER is a pushbutton transmitting unit that makes easy to manage a complex overhead cranes (even construction ones) using a single hand, it is light and durable with almost no maintenance. It is adaptable to many other industrial applications.
These (Winner and Tunner) are some of the Itowa’s radio control applications, but it has as many as you may need. Almost every lifting machine is operable with a remote control system.

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