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Dou you want to Remote Control cranes or complex machinery?

Almost any kind of machinery can be remotely controlled.

Itowa's engineers will find the best RRC for your equipment. Just let us know.

Crane manufacturers
Itowa offers more than a radio remote control, offers 25 years of experience as manufacturer and the guarantee of its brand label.
We customize the radio remote controls at your needs in direct collaboration with our R & D / Engineering department.
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Comercial distributors
We offer a direct deal, with a very favorable policy of prices in purchasing of Standard equipments depending on quantity.
Also we have International references in various industries and applications.
You can increase the profitability of your business with our reputed brand.
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Maintenance companies
We solve problems.
Fast answers, cost savings.
Reliability and security.
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Engineering offices
Customizing products and projects.
Our R & D / Engineering team works with yours engineers.
Technical advice on selling.
Demonstrated experience in industrial sectors.
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Remote controls and Radio Remote controls Systems
Itowa is an Electronic Engineering Company created in 1986, that design, manufacture and trade with Remote controls systems and Radio Control systems for Industrial machinery. 30 years of experience are our best guarantee in the Radio Remote controls sector with the latest technology in Remote controls and Radio R.C. systems for industrial and building cranes, electricians, maintenance companies and other productive sectors. Our customer is extended in more that 60 countries and trust in Itowa Radio remote controls for the high technological level and the success in developing industrial systems. Ask to our professional people and they will give you the most suitable technical advice, adjusted at your needs.
Radio remote controls
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, High technology in Remote controls and Radio remote systems.
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