Wireless control of stores and logistics

Nowadays almost every warehouse has automatic Systems to control its items to enhance its productivity and reduce costs. There’s even a step ahead: many of them self-Store these items.

Well, logistics is a key stone for many businesses to become competitive, so they have introduced mechanical and digital innovations that facilitate storing: these innovations, though, are associated to lots of data transmitted and machine control.

And that is what Itowa’s transmitters and receivers do: they exchange data between distant points or to a central master to proceed with those automatic functions needed. For example: closing-opening doors, activate machines or lighting, transmitting data on store capacity…

It is all made via radio so there is no need of adding extra wire systems keeping space clean and avoiding cable inconvenient.

Wireless remote control for Self Propelled Modular Transporter

For those heavy goods many industries have acquired lifting machinery such as overhead cranes or gantries: there is though a new trending and functional wheeled lifter (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) which are very useful to manage heavy items.

SPMT consists of a wheeled platform able to transport & lift these goods with a high degree of mobility. The only inconvenient is that operators have to be by its side to continuously control its movements: high time demanding and pretty insecure, since staying close to heavy goods being transported is always dangerous.

What we developed is very adaptive remote control systems that control any kind of SPMT keeping operators away from it, making its command easier, faster and safer.

Custom RRC solutions for any kind of store

Along these years working in radio remote control solutions for logistics issues our engineers have developed applications for many different storing systems, including automated racking-warehouse, those using conveyor belts or pallet shuttles and, of course, those using container transporters, forklifts, AGV, side-loaders or telehandlers. So do not hesitate to contact us and, for sure, our technical department will find a custom wireless solution for your logistics needs.